INTOSAI – Working Group on Environmental Auditing

Focus on waste: Environmental audit reports on waste

When planning an audit on waste issues, it may be useful to see how other SAIs have approached this topic. A significant number of audits on waste issues have been conducted in the last decade. Some of the audit reports and their summaries are available in English in the INTOSAI WGEA Environmental Audits Worldwide database.

Audits from 2003 and beyond are available on general waste, hazardous waste, municipal, solid, and non-hazardous waste, radioactive waste, contaminated sites and soil pollution and other waste issues. Audits prior to 2003 on general waste, solid waste, and hazardous waste are available at  waste. Audits prior to 2003 on radioactivity, including radioactive waste, are available at radioactivity. Audits that are not available from this database may be made available through the individual SAIs.

If your SAI has conducted an audit on waste  which is not listed in the WGEA database under Environmental Audits Worldwide, please send information on your audit to the WGEA Secretariat at (see How to submit audit reports ).