PROJECTS 2008-2010

PROJECTS 2008-2010

Projects under 2008-2010 work plan of the Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA) are listed below. The initial Project Plans from 2008 and, where available, drafts from 2009 are listed. Final materials (2010) are found under WGEA Publications.

Guidance material - Climate Change, Norway

Guidance material - Forests, Indonesia

Guidance material - Fisheries, South Africa

Guidance material - Minerals and Mining, Tanzania

Guidance material - Sustainable Energy, Czech Republic

Structured review of the Study on Natural Resources Accounting, USA

  • Draft of the study, October 2009 

Cooperative Audit of Climate Change

Develop training module on the topic of Biodiversity, Brazil and Canada

Web page on Biodiversity

Handbook for Auditors on Auditing the Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

6th Survey, Estonia

Formal Cooperation Strategy, Estonia

Future Functioning of the WGEA, Estonia

WGEA-IDI Environmental Auditing Training Course for AFROSAI-F, Cameroon

Web page on Cooperation between SAIs, Netherlands and Poland

Annual Collection of Environmental Audits, Estonia

Web Enhancements, Estonia and Canada

Undertake analyses of the Environmental Audits World-Wide Database, create a web section on Environmental Accords, Canada and Estonia