New Blog Series


The WGEA Secretariat has published a new blog series which aims to explore different and relevant environmental topics and audit questions. 

 The first blog post gives an overview of the environmental costs of armed conflicts. This perspective is often understandably overlooked due to the social impacts and human suffering caused by armed conflicts. However, this topic also raises an important question for Supreme Audit Institutions: how should the environmental costs of armed conflicts be considered in environmental auditing? Even though this blog does not answer the question itself, it aims to demonstrate the various direct and indirect costs that armed conflicts have on the environment. These costs should not be overlooked – especially in the field of environmental auditing.

 Make sure to check the post and to keep an eye on the blog section in the future! In addition, in case you have a specific topic in mind, or you would like to contribute with a blog post, please let us know via email ( or through LinkedIn.