2022 Season's Greetings from the INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat!


The WGEA Secretariat wishes to thank INTOSAI WGEA members for this year as well as the whole 2020-2022, which was the first WGEA Chairmanship period of SAI Finland. This period has been peculiar with a global pandemic, but also full of innovations on how we can keep on working together remotely. 

We also wish to warmly thank our members for supporting the WGEA projects, which we were able to complete by the 21st Assembly. The INTOSAI WGEA has published highly relevant audit guidance and research, experience sharing material, held webinars and delivered trainings, all in collaboration with its members. We look into the next three years with great expectations concerning our two thematic hubs, both of which include brilliant projects.

We wish you happy holidays and all the best for the upcoming year 2023!