Mission & Mandate


The map including the WGEA members

The Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA), under the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), aims to improve the use of audit mandate and audit instruments in the field of environmental protection policies, by both members of the Working Group and non-member Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). Joint auditing by SAIs of cross border environmental issues and policies, and the audit of international environmental accords, has the Working Group's special attention.



In order to carry out our mission, the WGEA:

  • Assists supreme audit institutions (SAIs) in acquiring a better understanding of the specific issues involved in environmental auditing;
  • Facilitates exchange of information and experience among SAIs; and
  • Publishes guidelines and other informative material for their use.



Different working bodies of the INTOSAI WGEA

The INTOSAI WGEA is a large, volunteer organization with a number of distinct bodies and players, each with associated responsibilities. These include the Chair and Secretariat, the full WGEA (the Assembly), the Steering Committee, Project Leaders and project subcommittees, and the Regional Working Groups on environmental auditing. With a view to strengthening the overall functioning of the WGEA and to clarify the key roles and responsibilities for each of bodies, a Roles and Responsibilities document was approved by the Assembly.


Principles of cooperation with external organisations

Exchanging knowledge and tools, and sharing information on SAIs’ work on environmental auditing between the INTOSAI WGEA and other international organisations had taken place without an overall strategy. In 2010, a strategy was approved to set the overall principles of cooperation with external organisations.



News & Events

25-Jan-2022 - NEWS

Registration for iCED's International Workshop “Combating Desertification, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture” open until end of January

iCED's International Workshop on “Combating Desertification, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture”  will be organized virtually in two batches from 14.02.2022 to 16.02.2022 & from 16.02.2022 …

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17-Jan-2022 - NEWS

The COP26 Bulletin is now available in Arabic, French and Spanish

In the context of COP26, the INTOSAI WGEA prepared a bulletin in collaboration with the U.S. Government Accountability Office, which summarizes the work of the WGEA and SAIs on climate. The aim of the…

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20-Dec-2021 - NEWS

INTOSAI WGEA’s 10th Environmental Survey Report now available

Every three years, INTOSAI WGEA publishes a survey on the state of environmental auditing globally. The report was published now for the 10th time on 10 December.  

The report “Environmental and clim…

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