Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building

The INTOSAI WGEA training and capacity building activities vary from collaborative audits and providing hands-on support for SAIs and auditors to producing training material and delivering training courses and webinars. The activities include both in-person and online training possibilities for member SAIs and can be tailor-made for one SAI or generally to a larger audience. 

The main training activities are organized by the International Centre for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development (iCED) and the National Audit Office of Estonia.

International Environmental Training Courses

The iCED organizes global training courses on environmental auditing for auditors in the WGEA Member SAIs. iCED is a global training facility of the INTOSAI WGEA and Working Group on Audif of Extractive Industries (WGEI) located in Jaipur, India, which has been set-up for capacity building and knowledge sharing in the area of environmental audit and sustainable development. 

How to attend?

For attending the upcoming international training workshops and seminars SAIs may nominate their representatives using the forms provided in the table below and sending it to Registration to each course will open some months in advance. More information related to the upcoming International Training Programmes is available at page no. 2 to 4 of this brochure. The details about the past training courses can be found at iCED’s webpage.

For further information, please contact



13–17 Feb

Workshop on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies Including Green Finance (completed)

13-14 Jul

Webinar on Multi-dimensional Aspects of Auditing Blue Economy (completed)

25-26 Sep

International Webinar on Audit of Blue Economy, Issues and Challenges with Special Reference to SDG 14 (completed)


5-9 Feb

Renewable Energy Strategies and Mechanisms with Special Reference to Solar Energy (online) (completed)

11-15 Mar

18-22 Mar

Introduction to Environmental Auditing (online), Course schedule (completed)

17-18 Sep

Webinar on Sustainable Transport

18 -30 Nov

12th International Training Programme (ITP) on "Introduction to Environmental Auditing" (INTOSAI WGEA) (Onsite)


3 - 7 Feb

International Workshop on biodiversity with special reference to forest resources (Onsite)


Webinar on Air Pollution


ITP on Introduction to Environmental Auditing


Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) on Public Sector Environmental Auditing

In collaboration with University of Tartu, the National Audit Office of Estonia organizes MOOCs on public sector environmental auditing in accordance with the timeline below. The courses are freely available online at any time and pace. Participants who would like to earn 1 ETC and receive a certificate from the University of Tartu should register, and successfully complete and finish the course within a dedicated 4-week period. During the 4-week period the course moderators from the NAO Estonia will initiate discussions, give feedback and support to the participating students with technical issues.

How to attend?

For attending the course within the dedicated 4-week period and receive the certificate, students must register to the course via the University of Tartu MOOCs webpage. Registration to each course will open a few months in advance.

Nevertheless, the materials are always available for individual learning (click on the course titles below to access the materials).

For further information please contact (NAO Estonia).



23 Jan–19 Feb

Auditing Waste Management (completed)

6 Mar–2 Apr

Auditing the Sustainability of Infrastructure (completed)

25 Sep–22 Oct

Introduction to Environmental Auditing in the Public Sector (completed)


29 Jan–25 Feb

Auditing Water Management (completed)

16 Sep–11 Oct

Auditing the Sustainability of Infrastructure

Please register here to join the course.

4 Nov–1 Dec

Auditing Waste Management

Please register here to join the course.



Introduction to Environmental Auditing in the Public Sector


Auditing Water Management


Other Training Activities

  • Webinar(s) in the context of the Work Plan projects, and other international events organized by the project leaders and WGEA Secretariat
  • Ad hoc training, or training for example in the context of an Assembly
  • Training activities for the WGEA regions and individual member SAIs provided by the WGEA Secretariat upon available resources.
  • Some training videos and webinars available at WGEA Secretariat - YouTube.

More information on training and capacity building activities in the scope of 2023-2025 Work Plan projects such as global collaborative audits, the twinning pilot and the initiative by the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation can be found on the 2023-2025 Workplan.

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