Climate Change Adaptation Actions (CCAA)

Climate Change Adaptation Actions (CCAA)

The Cooperative Audit on Climate Change Adaptation Actions (CCAA) is the project coordinated by the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) in collaboration with the INTOSAI WGEA other key stakeholders. Based on the INTOSAI WGEA survey results, where adaptation was the most popular audit topic among the SAIs in the next few years, the WGEA suggested scoping the cooperative audit around climate change adaptation actions. Recently, the IPCC sixth assessment report (Working Group II) has noted that the window for climate change adaptation is "rapidly closing", threatening human and natural systems.

While this initiative serves all types of SAIs, from the WGEA perspective, the partnership particularly fulfils the INTOSAI WGEA strategy requirement of providing hands-on support for SAIs that have no prior experience in environmental auditing or who for other reasons need strong support. IDI with its highly developed cooperative audit support model provides an excellent model for facilitating integrated education and audit support for SAIs with diverse capacities and local context. The role of the INTOSAI WGEA in the partnership is to bring the six regional WGEA groups in, provide expertise, the global network of environmental auditors as well as climate stakeholders, and references to the WGEA work that has already been conducted on the topic.

Please find more information on the CCAA webpage.


Project Lead:


WGEA Steering Committee Members:

Canada, China, Indonesia, Maldives, New Zealand, Thailand, and USA.

Regional Coordination:

SAI China for ASOSAI and SAI New Zealand for PASAI. 

Key Outcomes:

  • High quality, high impact audits issued as per legal mandates 
  • An online integrated professional education and audit support platform 
  • Professional staff capacity development among participating SAIs
  • Quality assurance reviews to ensure audit quality
  • Stakeholder coalitions for facilitating audit impact 
  • Increased capacity of the WGEA to take beginner SAIs' needs into account


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